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Lao Adv Tours was formed by a group of friends in early 2015.  All of us are motorcycle riders with many years in Asia under our belts. Combining our experience, we now offer you a wide range of tours. From the northern mountains to flatter lands of the Ho Chi Minh Trail in the south, on the paved roads and dirt tracks, our tours of Laos offer some great riding. With our many years experience in the touring business, our aim is to run well organised fun tours, showing you the country and its people, while traversing the best trails, roads, and routes that Laos has to offer.


  • 5 star review  Visited Luang Prubang in March 2019 and was lucky enough to have been recommended to Chris Corbett at Lao Adv Tours by a friend who had ridden with him several years ago. All I can say about Chris is that he is a no bullshit individual that also happens to be an amazingly fun guy to ride and relax with. Chris knows the area well, speaks the language fluently, and understands what makes for a good adventure. A true gentleman that likes to cut loose and listens to what sort of adventure his customers want....honestly, riding with Chris immediately seemed much more like going riding with a friend than a guide, and I would certainly consider him to be the former after only a few days ride together. The trip to LP would not have been remotely as fun without Chris leading the charge. Will absolutely be back and cannot wait to keep exploring around Luang Prubang.

    thumb Kevin David

    5 star review  What can I say himm.. Chris from Loa Adv Tours was a Great tour guide Spent 5 days with him in February 2019 and I wish it was 10 days.. If your going to do a tour in loas go with him..you have a Great time and see lots off the country

    thumb jim gonis

    5 star review  Very good and trustable : Bikes, service, advise and care from Chris for an honest going rate!

    thumb Marcel Leenen
  • 5 star review  We, Alex and Jochen from the wild south of Germany, want to start this travelreview in a very unusual way: in which we don´t tell you the story about our Laos-tour first, but about our experiences with Chris 😉 First it took a while before we received an answer to our emails, and we thought the rental of the motorbike wouldn’t be possible, but good luck: We were wrong! In the end, everything was just super fine! Chris came very punctually to the agreed meeting point, the bike was in a technically perfect condition and the actual rental ran off easily and unbureaucratically. The same applies to the return, he looked at the bike, said “everything ok” and the story was done. We would always rent a bike from Chris again. He gave us such good tips and the feeling to have a partner we can rely on, even if we would have problems on the tour. Thank you for all, Chris 😉 So, now to the trip: Altogether we had four weeks available.  4 days included approach and return flight.  2 days we spent on the Mekong with a slow boat. For us it was just the most beaurtiful way to get to Laos.  New Year and a few days after that we wanted to spend in Luang Pra Bang  7 days we planned for the motorbike-tour  and then we want to go climbing close to Thakek and stay in the Green Climbers Home Originally we wanted to ride the bike very far to the north, but after consulting with Chris, we decided to make the circle you can see on the map. One reason was, it was the first multiple-day-motorcycle-tour for Alex and second: we have been two persons on a little bike and therefore only wanted to drive easier terrain. In order to be able to accommodate our little luggage safely on the machine, we had taken a few plastic drainpipes and tank-tape with us to widened the luggage bridge. The hand-luggage-flight-backpack was redesigned short hand in a tank bag and then we started. We do not want to tell about every day of our journey here, just take a look at the pictures, they’re saying more than a lot of words. Important is only: We have felt comfortable everywhere. The people have always been very kind to us, so we were able to get in contact with many fiendly persons. The trip was a great nature experience, although we saw a some very questionable things: For example, the dam- and railway-construction of the chinese and the very reckless occur of some western tourists. But in the end we can only recommend a trip through Laos to all experienced motorcyclists. Take a moped from Chris, he's the only one who rents bigger bikes, and let's go! We wish all bikers a save and beautiful ride in Laos!

    thumb Jochen Binder

    5 star review  Very good and trustable : Bikes, service, advise and care from Chris for an honest going rate!

    thumb Marcel Leenen

    5 star review  Lao Adv tours have the cleanest and best maintained fleet of rental bikes I have seen in Southeast Asia. When booking a tour this point eases concern as nothing is worse than dodgy, unreliable bikes on a trip. The owner is a true enthusiast and loves riding dirt bikes. His knowledge of the terrain and trails stupendous. Whether you want hard enduro single track or flowing double track trails to historical sites like the secret Air bases used during the Vietnam war, Chris at Lao Adv can provide enough to keep you grinning for days.

    thumb justin sallows

Chris Corbett

Owner CEO
Chris and his trusty companion Muttley in Laos.

Chris has lived and worked in Laos for 5 years. Prior to that he spent 5 years riding the Ho Chi Minh Trail, researching and learning about it. Now a seasoned tour operator with a can do attitude and a dab hand with a spanner, Chris started to feel a little shackled working in the tourism sector for others. So now he’s finally broken free from the grind and gathered a group of like minded people together to offer some stunning adventures

Mr Hulle

Tour Guide
Mr Hulle & his daily driver.

Mr Hulle recently joined us. With over 6 years guiding experience on motorcycle, he knows his way around Laos. His laid back way of doing things is reassuring. There’s nobody better to be with in remote areas of Laos as he is a keen hunter and an excellent mechanic. You’re certainly in safe hands with Mr Hulle.

Virginia Morris

Virginia with Artillery piece

 Virginia has a great sense of adventure. At 13 years old she rowed three miles across a shipping lane to discover the island on the other side. Before she could even drive a car, she had traveled extensively and trained as a pilot.

Her interest in the Vietnam War has spanned decades. She lived in Laos for two years where she walked the Ho Chi Minh Trail in the late 1990s. In Vietnam and American, she has interviewed many veterans of the conflict. The former commander of the trail Lieutenant General Dong Si Nguyen of the Truong Son Army, one of the biggest sections of  the Vietnamese People’s Army, presented Virginia with a campaign medal as a sign of friendship between Britain and Vietnam.

Today Virginia is an author, explorer, and academic researcher specialising in military and political subjects. She is married with two children, both of which accompanied her and her husband down the trail in 2015.

Mark Abbott

Mark is a career coach, trainer, and motivational speaker to young professionals.

He’s been off – road riding now for 10 years doing tours in France, Pyrenees, Thailand, and, of course, Laos.

In May he’s doing the Greek national enduro.

James Franey

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