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Lao Adv Tours was formed by a group of friends in early 2015.  All of us are motorcycle riders with many years in Asia under our belts. Combining our experience, we now offer you a wide range of tours. From the northern mountains to the flatter lands of the Ho Chi Minh Trail in the south, on the paved roads and dirt tracks, our tours of Laos offer some great riding. With our many years experience in the touring business, our aim is to run well organised fun tours, showing you the country and its people, while traversing the best trails, roads, and routes that Laos has to offer.


lao adv와 함께한 라오스 여행은 라오스 구석구석을 보여주었고, 여행을 훨씬 풍족하게 만들어줬어요. 도심을 벗어나 달리는 도로에서는 반갑게 손인사를 건네는 아이들이 환영해주었고, 바이크를 타야만 만날 수 있는 마을에선 라오스 주민들의 일상을 관찰할 수 있었어요. 이동 중에 예상치 하게 펼쳐지는 풍경에는 입을 다물지 못했고, 더티로드 자갈길 돌길 모래길을 지나갈 때 느끼는 순수 바이크의 재미도 빠질 수 없었죠! 다만, 이런 경험을 하면서 휴대폰 신호가 끊기고 마을이 사라지는 경험하게됩니다. 하지만 이번에 경험한 lao adv 바이크는 감히 믿고 달려도 된다고 말하고싶어요. 바이크 메인터넌스는 완벽했습니다. 여행 도중 바이크 한 대에만 의존해도 어떤 트러블도 없이 안전하게 여행을 마칠 수 있었어요. 스마트폰 시그널도 없는 아무도 없는 길 위에서 바이크에 문제가 생긴다면... 생각만해도 끔찍하잖아요. 크리스, 바이크 덕분에 즐거운 라오스 여행 잘 즐기다가요! 다음에는 친구들과 함께 여유로운 일정으로 다시 찾고 싶은 곳이에요. 다음에 또 놀러갈게요! 👍 see you✋
francisco vitoriano
francisco vitoriano
Sem dúvida a melhor forma de conhecer o Laos. Equipa fantástica e super prestável.
이곳에서 오토바이 렌트는 안했지만 뒤타이어 문제로 머리가 아팠는데 우리에게 먼저 가다와 타이어교체 할수 있는곳과 여러가지 도움을 주셨다.그의 강아지와 함께.. 강아지는 조금 무섭게 생겼다 ..고마워요 크리스:)
Sven Reister
Sven Reister
Wir hatten ursprünglich nur eine Maschine für mich und meine Frau gebucht. Chris hat uns dann vor Ort auf die Schnelle noch eine kleineres Moped für meine Frau besorgt, da wir dann doch mit 2 Maschinen unterwegs sein wollten. Das Moped für meine Frau war nicht aus seinem Bestand von LaoADV. Mit diesem gab es dann auch leider mehrmals Probleme. Das LaoADV Team hat uns immer weitergeholfen und für dieses Moped wurde uns die komplette Mietgebühr zurück erstattet und auch die Kosten für die Reparaturen wurden uns erstattet. Mit so viel Kulanz hatten wir nie gerechnet! Die Beste Erfahrung die wir je mit einem Vermieter hatten. Nochmals herzlichen Dank an das ganze Team!! Grüße an Chris, Harry und Andrew, Ihre seit die Besten! Wir hoffen irgendwann nochmals mit euren Motorrädern dieses wunderschöne Land bereisen zu dürfen!
Michel Schürhoff
Michel Schürhoff
Ich war 11 Tage allein im Norden Laos mit der Honda 250 unterwegs. Ich habe mich bei Lao adv in sicheren Händen gefühlt. Bei Problemen oder fragen konnte ich immer auf den direkten Support von den Jungs zählen. Würde jederzeit wieder ein Motorrad hier mieten. Meine Maschine hatte schon ein paar Kilometer auf der Uhr, war aber in bestem Zustand.
Julius Lussenburg
Julius Lussenburg
Can’t say enough good things about Lao Adv. We rented two motorcycles from them to go to Nong Khiaw and they were absolutely perfect; making an amazing trip even better. The guys were super friendly, helpful and easy going - and they clearly take very good care of the bikes. To be honest, after renting from them I can’t see myself renting a bike from any other rental company should I ever do a bike tour in Laos again!
Anthony Mitchell
Anthony Mitchell
An adventure to never forget..Great trails. Chris and his crew know their stuff...Great support and local guide " Ulilio "would have to be one of the best in business..highly recommended.
Michiel Meerdink
Michiel Meerdink
I had a great experience renting a bike from Chris. He was helpful and professional and flexible, the bike was in great condition and overall i could not have asked for a better place to rent my bike. If i had more time i would definitely go on a longer trip in this beautiful country.
Julian McNally
Julian McNally
Had a trip of a lifetime. Wasn't sure if I needed the full 250cc experience but with how the roads were and some of the more off the beaten paths I took the dirt bike ended up being the best decision for sure. Chris runs a great shop and I felt very taken care of. Six stars. Thanks again Chris :).
Alex Sherr
Alex Sherr
Had an absolutely awesome 3 day tour of central Laos with guide Huelee. Could not have been in better hands, as Huelee is a full mechanic, and has been a dirtbike guide for over 8 years. If there's any problem along the way, there's nothing he can't fix! Bikes are well maintained though, and didn't have any issues over the 650+km we covered. Thanks again, Chris, Andrew and Huelee! See you again soon.

Chris Corbett

Owner CEO (Chief Exploring Officer)
Chris and his trusty companion.

Chris has lived and worked in Laos for 15 years. Prior to that he spent 5 years riding the Ho Chi Minh Trail, researching and learning about it. Now a seasoned tour operator with a can do attitude and a dab hand with a spanner, Chris started to feel a little shackled working in the tourism sector for others. So now he’s finally broken free from the grind and gathered a group of like minded people together to offer some stunning adventures

Mr Hulle

Tour Guide
Mr Hulle & his daily driver.

Mr Hulle recently joined us. With over 12 years guiding experience on motorcycle, he knows his way around Laos. His laid back way of doing things is reassuring. There’s nobody better to be with in remote areas of Laos as he is a keen hunter and an excellent mechanic. You’re certainly in safe hands with Mr Hulle.

Mr Andrew

COO (Chief Organizational Officer)
Andrew & his bike.

Mr Andrew works as the Chief Organizational Officer. Often seen behind his desk, but also likes to ride when the opportunity arises. 5 years Laos. Began life in Laos as a teacher, ended up as the COO for Laos ADV.

Mr Muttley

CIO (Chief Intelligence Officer)
Mr Muttley.

With over 5 years of experience in the intelligence field, Mr Muttley oversees all intelligence gathering and analysis to help guide strategic business decisions. Prior to Lao ADV, Muttley worked for the CIA conducting foreign surveillance and leading covert operations.


Virginia Morris

Virginia with Artillery piece

 Virginia has a great sense of adventure. At 13 years old she rowed three miles across a shipping lane to discover the island on the other side. Before she could even drive a car, she had traveled extensively and trained as a pilot.

Her interest in the Vietnam War has spanned decades. She lived in Laos for two years where she walked the Ho Chi Minh Trail in the late 1990s. In Vietnam and American, she has interviewed many veterans of the conflict. The former commander of the trail Lieutenant General Dong Si Nguyen of the Truong Son Army, one of the biggest sections of  the Vietnamese People’s Army, presented Virginia with a campaign medal as a sign of friendship between Britain and Vietnam.

Today Virginia is an author, explorer, and academic researcher specialising in military and political subjects. She is married with two children, both of which accompanied her and her husband down the trail in 2015.

Mark Abbott

Mark is a career coach, trainer, and motivational speaker to young professionals.

He’s been off – road riding now for 15 years doing tours in France, Pyrenees, Thailand, and, of course, Laos.

Mark is a big supporter of Lao ADV and has been a good mentor to our CEO, Chris.

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