Our Ultra Reliable Motorcycle Fleet

Lao ADV Tours operates and maintains a modern fleet of Honda CRF motorcycles

Our Motorcycle Fleet

Our fleet is primarily Honda CRF 250L’s. They are very reliable and resilient machines, more than well suited to the terrain we cross.

All our bikes are maintained to the highest standard, leaving little chance of anything going mechanically wrong whilst out on tour. We believe very firmly ‘preventing is better than curing’! We only use Honda parts on our bikes to ensure compatibility & reliability.

The CRF 250’s engines are ‘bullet proof’, treated well the bikes rarely stop. We make no internal modifications to the engines. Outside of the engines, we use a few aftermarket mods like K&N Air Filters, aftermarket exhaust systems, and a change to the gearing to give the bike a little boost in power whilst retaining reliability. We also rebuild the rear Showa Shock Absorber in addition to having it re-valved and re-sprung for different weights and use, either on or off road. Front forks are left alone apart from an oil change to a quality oil.

Tyres are very important which is why we use IRC or Quick depending on the where we are in the season. In the wetter season, we fit Knobblies for that extra grip. For dryer season, we set RC for the road bikes. Handlebar risers can also be fitted for those who need it.

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