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Information About Our Tours

Our motorcycle adventure tours are carefully developed and the routes are the best you will find. Every guesthouses, restaurants, and ‘thing to see’ along the way is thoughtfully chosen. Our aim is to make our adventure tours the most unique, exciting, and memorable in Southeast Asia. Road changes in Laos are continuous so we monitor their conditions and the weather to ensure we keep our routes fresh and exciting, always looking for new trails and things to see along way. (last survey March 2020)  The last survey was a huge success, finding new trails, homestays, and some scary (in the best way!) river crossings. Skill levels for our tours leans to the experienced riders who can tackle the routes safely. However, we offer options for those who lack experience, but are keen to try. Drop us a line if you’re looking for something in particular as we are always happy putting together motorcycle adventure tours for riders of all ability!

Off Road Tours

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Starts in Vientiane, 7 days off road in Central & Northern Laos.


Starts in Vientiane, 10 days off road in Central & Northern Laos.

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Starts in Pakse, 10 days off road in Central & Southern Laos.


Starts in Pakse, 7 days off road in Southern Laos on The Ho Chi Minh Trail.


Starts in Vientiane,14 days off road in Central & Southern Laos on the Ho Chi Minh Trail.


Starts in Pakse, 14 days off road in Southern, Central, & Northern Laos.  


Tailored to Veterans returning to Laos. During the War, many service personnel spent time in Laos either on the ground, in the air, or both.


Starts in Vientiane, 10 days off road in Central & Northern Laos.


Flexible start point: The rain changes everything here. Laos becomes a lush green & the trails become muddy, our favorite time of year!


Starts in Luang Prabang, 6 days off road in Northern Laos.


Starts in Luang Prabang, 4 days off road in Northern Laos.

Road Tours


Starts in Luang Prabang, 2 days off road in Northern Laos.


Starts In Vientiane, 14 day road tour in Central, Northern, & Southern Laos.

Starts in Luang Prabang, 4 days on the roads of Northern Laos.

Starts in Vientiane, 7 days on the roads of Central & Northern Laos.



Starts in Vientiane, 10 day road tour of Central & Northern Laos.

Rental, Join In, self Guided and Ladies only


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Solo riders who want to join in with other groups, or post your ride. please check our calendar for available tours!!!



Motorbike or eBike, customize your tour to suit your timeline & ability.




Female Riders, On & off road adventures.




Bike & Hike Tours


Starts in Luang Prabang, 8 days hiking and biking in Northern Laos


Coming soon


Coming Soon

Motorcycle Adventure Tours through
Northern, Central, & Southern Laos
Including the Ho Chi Minh Trail

 Northern & Central Laos From the karst mountains formations of Khammouane & Vang Vieng to the Annamites along the southern border with Vietnam border and the mountains that surround the valley of Luang Prabang, Laos certainly has some peaks and valleys to boast about! Central Laos is home to the 2 highest mountains in Laos, Phou Bia (2800 Meters) & Phou Samsoun (1319 meters). Phou Bia is hidden away in Anouvong. The area was formerly Xaysomboun. But the name was changed to Anouvong, in honor of an old king, a few years back. Phou Samsoun is close to Muang Mok near Phonsavan. This area provides some great trail riding along with some brand new roads under construction.

 Further to the North are the mountain ranges of Phongsaly. Whether you seek on road or off road, trails high in the hills or tarmac roads lower down, the mountains offer some great riding. Smooth roads and rocky trails await you. Every turn opens a new view which leaves you in awe of this beautiful county. Add that to our local knowledge and it’s a recipe for a trip of a life time.

The Ho Chi Minh Trail in southern Laos was an integral part of the Vietnam War. North Vietnam created this elaborate system of roadways over mountains, jungle paths, and trails to infiltrate its troops and supplies into South Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. It meandered through nearly 20,000 Km, and on average, a USAF plane dropped a bomb on it once every eight minutes, 24/7 for nine years. The Trail was primarily in Laos because the ground was flatter, more densely covered by forest and jungle, and with no enemy troops stationed in its vicinity. It was also the shortest way from Hanoi to Saigon.

Records show American planes attacked the Trail in Southern Laos some 600,000 times during the conflict. The Trail’s use began in 1959, but nearly 50 years have passed since the Trail ceased to be operational in 1975. Now ‘progress’, is slowly but steadily, further eroding it in different ways, but again, recent surveys show large parts of the trail are there to ride still. (Survey March 2020) Our motorcycle adventure tours along the Ho Chi Minh Trail that have a little more of a historical bend to them can be found on our sister site.

Local Guides

All our Guides are handpicked for their ability to run a tour, they are the forefront of our enterprise. A Guide meets you as you arrive in Laos to begin your exciting adventure. It is Lao law that you travel with a properly licensed Tour Guide. Consequently, all our Guides are properly licensed by the Laos Tourist board and carry their ID cards with them at all times.

Legalities aside, our Guides will make sure you have a great time. They will see to your every need, answer your every question, and keep your vehicle on the road. Not only are they very experienced, they also have medical training. You’re in safe hands with us. Travelling without guides can be dangerous out in the remote areas where languages change frequently. Local Knowledge is key here.


We are registered with the Laos Tourist Board and our licences are displayed in our office should you wish to see them. We take immense pride in our achievements to date and a huge satisfaction in being included within the Laos Tourist Board’s plans to promote motorcycling in Laos. All of our motorcycle adventure tours and eBike adventure tours are registered with the tourism department and taxes paid.


The cost of your bike rental, third party insurance, Guide, permits, Lao Government charges, support truck, all related paperwork, and of course, our expertise. Plus…

Meals: *Breakfast & Lunch are included, evening meals you pay for as you travel. All our stops are in areas where food is available in local cafes and restaurants. There is often a wide choice of national cuisines to choose from, all at very reasonable prices. 

Drinks: *All soft drink and water are included, alcohol not included.

Fuel; Fuel for your motorcycle or truck is included for the whole journey.

Accommodation; Rooms are included and based on 2 people sharing, *single room occupancy charges will be extra. Local guest houses & Hotels will be used. Homestays will also be offered where we can.


Riding Gear: Safety is of paramount importance and poorly fitting equipment can cause many problems. You should bring your own ‘gear’ with you. It probably fits you perfectly and you’ll feel comfortable in it. (rental available for those who need it, please ask)

Visa: Available on arrival, please check with your embassy for costings.

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