The trails of northern Laos

10 Day Northern Laos Dirt Tour Overview

The focus of this tour is to do as much trail riding as possible on our motorbikes. So, we will stay in the interesting towns for a few days to explore, rather than drive 100s of kilometers, town to town. This will give you more time to enjoy where you are, less time on the roads, and much more time riding trails.

 We have found many new places to ride around these beautiful cities. Lunag Prabang is really worth a few days, and the trail riding is awesome. Then we will hit the trails over to Xiang Khoung for a look around. Next is over to Vang Veing for some fun. Then a few short days in Fuang and Xayabury in some great countryside, making our way back to Luang Prabang via the trails.

Start Point

Luang Prabang

Finish Point

Luang Prabang


1500 km




Honda CRF 250L


70% off Road

Day 1) Luang Prabang. 120ks -4-5 Hours riding/ BLD/ Hotel. (accommodation for arrival night included). First day on the trails together. We are staying local today, we have many tracks and trails in this area, which means we don’t have to go far to enjoy them. Today we will ride to the North, visiting Hmong mountain village for lunch, followed by more trail riding bringing us back to Luang Prabang and the same Hotel.

Day 2) Luang Prabang to Pak Ou. 140 KM-4-5 Hour’s riding/BLD/ Guest House. An easy start to the day as we head back on the trails around Luang Prabang. The mountains nearby hide many more trails as we head of into them for the day, before heading to Pak Ou where we can finish our ride at a beach on the Mekong. Our overnight accommodation will be a floating hotel on the Mekong, Pak Ou is famous for its caves, which we will visit.

Day 3) Pak Ou to Muang Hiam 190KM-6-7 Hour’s riding /BLD /Guest House. Today we will take an early start as we head North towards Muang Hiam, famous for its hot springs, which you will enjoy after some after the trails today, which ride high in the mountains and skirt the Nam Et Ou National Park. This is an area of outstanding beauty with some serious trails to ride.

Day 4) Hiam to Phonsavan 130 KM-4-5 hours riding/ BLD/ Guest house. A shorter day today as we head for Phonsavan, Via Lima site 36, Ban Nakhan- which was an old Lima site during the war. There really is some nice trails up here, that give way to wide open planes and some big rivers crossings en route to Phonsavan, which is famed for the plane of jars, another National heritage site, we will visit on our way to town.

Day 5) Phonsavan. 120 KM-4-5 Hour’s riding/BLD/Hotel. Today we will take a loop ride around the province, a shorter day as we’re half way through the tour, I’m sure there will be some aching muscles. After the ride we can enjoy some relaxation, maybe a massage, charge the batteries and get ready for the next day. there is also a few places to visit, if you fancy a look around.

Day 6) Phonsavan to Long Tieng 155 KM-4-5 Hour’s riding/ BLD / Guest House. Long Tieng was called the most secret place on earth, formerly an old CIA landing strip in the secret war. It’s an easy ride to an interesting place. It was only opened in 2017 to the public after being closed for 50 years. We can have a tour of the site, or ride up to skyline ridge for some great views.

Day 7) Long Tieng to Vang Vieng 150 KM-5-6 hours riding/BLD /Hotel. We can take an early start today as we head for Vang Vieng, the fun capital of Laos, Amsterdam of the east. Its long trail through and around Nam Ngum lakes, if we arrive in good time, you can spend the late afternoon, floating down the Nam Som River with a beer, before relaxing for fun evening.

Day 8) Vang Vieng to Mueng Fueng 140 KM-4-5 hours/BLD /Guest House. This is a beautiful area to ride in, mainly rice fields and mountains. Not much in the way of traffic today as we wind our way around the trails. There is a chance to explore around this area, with so many small trails to choose. Muang Fuang has recently got everybody’s attention, its beauty is remarkable, we’ll enjoy our night on the river.

Day 9) Fueng to Xayabury 160 KM-6-7 hours Riding /BLD/Guest House. Another day in this great area as we head north through Nam Poui National Park on our way to Xayabury. Really is a beautiful area for riding, nothing much around apart from the odd village, lots nice trails and beautiful views, with a few interesting river crossings. 

Day 10) Xayabury to Luang Prabang. 160 KM-6-7 hours riding /BLD/ Hotel. Our last day as we head back to Luang Prabang, via some great trails that see us cross the Mekong, ending our day at the legendary Kuang Si water falls for swim. our last evening together, so we will dine together on the river. Last nights’ accommodation is included in the price.




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