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Seven fantastic days! Leaving out of the busy capital Vientiane, we head for Paklay, Luang Prabang, and finally Phonsavan before making our way back to the capital. We will visit some major cities with many of our best tourist attractions. The trails and riding are equally as good as we take in  some of our National Parks. So much to see and do in 7 days.

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1,500 km




Honda CRF 250L


75% off Road

Day 1: Vientiane to Paklay – 260 km 5-7 Hrs riding.

Your day starts with a ride out of Laos’ busy capital and into its beautiful countryside. Then we follow the mighty Mekong and join the dirt road heading to Paklay. The scenery changes dramatically as we pass the rice paddies and rolling hills of Xaiyabuli province.  A fairly easy day to get you into the swing of things and on arrival at our guest house we can enjoy a few beers before our evening meal.

Day 2: Paklay to Xaiyabuli – 210 km 6 Hrs riding

Today sees us go through the protected area of the Nam Phouy National Park with its historic trails in picturesque countryside. We’ll take some time out to explore the area, including the new trails continuously cut by the locals. When we arrive in Xaiyabuli, it will be for an overnight stay in a local guest house, before which we’ll eat in a local restaurant.

Day 3: Xaiyabuli to Luang Prabang – 188 km 5-7 Hrs riding

After breakfast, we head out through more stunning countryside and an area just perfect for the bikes. There are mainly farm roads with a few river crossing to negotiate. In the wet season this is a real challenge. In the dry season things get easier, so you can ride freely and enjoy the countryside. From there we take the trails crossing the Mekong into the UNESCO town of Luang Prabang. On arrival at our Guest house we will prepare for a night out on the town. Then, we will show you a few of the sights and you can enjoy local hospitality.

Day 4: Luang Prabang to Viengtong (Hiam) – 225 km 6-7 Hrs riding.

We say goodbye to Luang Prabang after breakfast and head out on the road to the Phonxai district. Then we pick up the dirt roads. Today’s trail is another stunner. With just a few small villages in the area, the road’s a roller coaster of switch back jungle trails passing through the hills. We leave the dirt road behind and a short blast takes us up to Viengtong. From there we head for the hot springs, to ease the aches and pains from the day’s ride. Then, we check into our guest house for a well earned rest.

Day 5: Viengtong to Phonsavan – 171 km 4-5 Hrs riding.

After a local breakfast, we hit the dirt road straight away and head up to Ban Nakhan. Ban Nakhan, built in 1965, was home to Lima Site 36 in the Vietnam War. It was a secret air base then and its runway and remnants of that war are still visible today. After a tour of the site, we head down to Phonsavan through beautiful jungle trails. We arrive at Phonosavan’s wide open plains, where we visit the famous Plain of Jars. Then into town, our guest house, and the evening’s entertainment

Day 6: Phonsavan to Vang Veing  – 240 km 6-7 Hrs riding.

A really great ride today as we leave Phonsavan and head off road towards Vang Veing, via Long Tieng  airfield LS20A.  We will have and early lunch here and a look around before taking the trails around Nam Ngun Lakes to Vang Veing. On arrival we’ll book into out Hotel for the evening and enjoy the fun city, 

Day 7: Vang Veing  to Vientiane – 180 km 5-6 Hrs riding.

Our last day together as we leave Vang Veing, we will  take some trails heading south as far as we can before linking up with route 13. The last 60ks will be on tarmac into the capital Vientiane. On arrival we will check into our hotel before checking out some of the sights of the capital city. 



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