Hill Tribes & Trails

7 Day Tour Itinerary

 Northern Laos is well known for it’s Hill tribes, over 20 different tribes. The further North you go, the changes become more apparent, you can see how people dress and the styles of their homes differ. This tour will head into those areas, where we will find some outstanding trails to ride. Remote in places with some challenging terrain, we’ll stay in small towns and villages, eat local food and immerse ourselves in the landscapes and beauty that is Northern Laos.

Start Point

Luang Prabang

Finish Point

Luang Prabang


1300 km




Honda CRF 250L


80% off Road

 Day 1) Luang Prabang to Oudomxai 188 Km 6-7 Hrs. Riding. 70% off-road. Leaving Luang Prabang we will proceed on the road to Pak Ou caves, from there we will ride off road to Oudomxai. The mountain range we will ride today is nothing short of stunning, lots of nice trails with nothing in the way of traffic to slow us down. The day will end on the road onto Oudomxai, and our guest house for the evening.

Day 2) Oudomxai to Louang-Namtha 160 Km 5-7 Hs. Riding. 70% off-road. Today we’re starting by heading off road to Nalae, passing through the local countryside high into the mountains, along winding trails before we pick up the road that will take us into Loung Namtha for the evening. Plenty of Massage shops in this town if you have some aches and pains.

Day3) Louang-Namtha to Bountai. 170 Km 4-5 Hrs. riding. 80% Off-road. We can take a slow start to today, we don’t have a great distance to travel, but the dirt starts pretty quickly and it’s a great ride through the mountains where we’re only a short distance from China, so we will go can go and have a little look, We’ll be stopping in some local villages to say hello and see how the tribes in the north live. Then it’s onto Bountai. We will stay in a local guest house.

Day 4) Bountai to Phongsaly 150 Km 5 hrs. Riding. 75% off-road. Another shorter day today, a chance to look around Phongsaly. After breakfast we’ll take the road, then join the dirt, this area is covered in mountains with views to die for along with more great riding. We will visit a farm to sample the Tea, this area is well known for its Tea. we will overnight in a local guest house or Homestay. A chance to finish the day early and get some rest, tomorrow is a long day.

Day 5) Phongsaly to Muang Khua 200 km 6-7 Hrs. riding 90% off-road. We need to get away early today, its a long one as we will be off-road all day. This is a very long trail with not much in the way of villages, or people, but the views and trails are fantastic. We will take a pack lunch today and find a nice spot to picnic in the hills. On arrival at Muang Khua we will check into our guest house for the evening, and a welcome rest.

Day 6) Muang Khua to Nong Khiaw 220 KM 6-7hrs riding 75% off-road. It’s another long day, but our final destination of Nong Khiaw won’t disappoint. We will take the road toward Muang Mai, then its dirt for about 130KM. This is a very remote part of Laos, not many travelers head up here. Nice trails with spectacular views. The last section is on road as we arrive into Nong Khiaw, where a comfortable Hotel awaits you for the evening. This small town in the mountains are very popular with travelers, its views and slow pace make it a great place to relax.

Day 7) Nong Khiaw to Luang Prabang 180 6 Hrs. riding 70% off-road. Our final day on the trails together. After a hearty breakfast we will take road to Viangkham, from there we get onto the dirt trails that follow the Nam Xeng river to Pakxeng. This is another great trail, remote area with lots of small villages. On completion its back onto the road and we head for Pak Ou caves, which were home to many during the secret war. From there we will take a boat back to Luang Prabang. It’s an hour-long cruise, so sit back with a beer and enjoy the moment. Dinner will be arranged for the evening.




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