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Meals/ soft drinks


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During the Secret War in Laos there were many places of significance with Long Tieng, the most famous, now open to the public. This tour will take you to the most significant sites as we ride across Northern Laos, combined with a few more well know places, it makes for a great adventure in some rather cool places. Tour Code 003

Start Point

Luang Prabang

Finish Point

Luang Prabang


1,100 km




Honda CRF 250L


70% off road

Day 1: Luang Prabang to Vang Vieng. 200 Kilometers 5-6 Hrs riding. We start our tour by leaving Luang Prabang and heading south through twisting terrain to Xaing Ngeun and up into the mountains up to the Kasi Pass. From there it’s down the mountain to Vang Vieng, passing LS25 near Kasi and the old runway- LS16 in Vang Vieng, where we stay overnight. Vang Vieng is a fun place, as you will see. In the evenings it comes alive as the tubers roll back into town, to enjoy spectacular backdrops and some strange pizzas.

Day 2: Vang Vieng to Long Tieng. 180 Kilometers 4-6 Hrs riding.  We have a full day ahead with lots of off road, we will ride around the lakes of Nam Ngun high up in the mountains. Spectacular views everywhere as we arrive in Long Tieng, steeped in History we will take a tour of the old CIA airbase and it’s surrounding. We will overnight in a local guest house.

Day 3: Long Tieng to Phonsavan. 120 Kilometers 4-5 Hrs riding.  Before we leave, we’ll finish our look at that very interesting and historically significant area. Then we leave for Phonsavan. We will reach it in the afternoon after passing through Xam Thong LS20 which played its own major role in the war. The new school stands on the old Hospitals base, where the Air America bunk House Chimney still stands. On arrival there, we will visit the Plain of Jars.

The Plain of Jars is a huge site of stone urns, some with lids. What the jars were used for isn’t known, but there are many guesses. The most popular guess is that the jars were used as a ‘burial ground’. Your guess could well be as good as anybody else’s. Time permitting, we can visit other sites such as the 1000 Step Mountain or the Spoon Village, if time allows.

Day 4: Phonsavan to Xam Neua. 230 Kilometers 6-7 Hrs riding.  Another early start as we head North to Xam Neua which is quite a ride. The ride includes sections ‘off road’ and ‘on tarmac’. It will take us most of the day to get to our eventual destination of Xam Neua. There’s a lot to see along the route though, including the Hintung Archeological site. Apart from seeing the site, you will be continuously treated to spectacular, natural views along the way. Views that will just leave you speechless.

Getting to Xam Neua in the early evening sees us settle into our guest house. We’ll need to rest up as tomorrow will be a busy day of sightseeing. In particular, the Vienxai Underground Cave Complex which the Pathet Lao used to run their war effort during that historical conflict.

Day 5: Xam Neua to Muang Hiam Via LS85. 193 Kilometers  6-7 Hrs riding.  We head into the hills for another full day’s riding to Lima Site 85. LS 85 was upgraded in 1967 to one with an all weather night bombing facility, it could guide the bombers in any weather. (TACAN). The North Vietnamese retaliated and attacked the site in March, 1968. In a ferocious one day battle, they destroyed it. Fifty years later, we take the steep climb to that mountain top and are rewarded with breathtaking views. We leave the site and head for Muang Hiam (Veingtong). There, we enjoy the Hot Springs and stay overnight in a local guest house

Day 6: Muang Hiam to Nong Khiaw. 160 Kilometers  4-5 Hrs riding. An easy day today as we head on Tarmac to the sleepy village of Nong Khiaw, an interesting ride through the mountains on super twisty road, before taking the dirt to our final destination. On arrival we will take a guest house  (or homestay) on the river and enjoy the afternoon with a few beers and some great views. A very popular town in Laos which has some great view points if you fancy the climb.

Day 7: Nong Khiaw to Luang Prabang. 160 Kilometers 4-5 Hrs riding. Our last day on the road together as we head for home, after a short tarmac stretch, we can go off road to Pak Ou where we will visit the caves, which were inhabited by the locals during the war. We can have lunch here on the shore of the Mekong, before heading back to Luang Prabang and end the tour at your hotel.

Tour Dates 2024

Any dates that suit you.


Luang Prabang / International Airport or Train Station


 The tour will start at 8.30 am. Please be informed, that you should arrive at least one day before the tour starts in Luang Prabang. We recommend two days before the tour starts to acclimate and avoid jet lag.


 The tour will finish at about 4/5 pm back in Luang Prabang, so if you would like to fly back the same day to Vientiane or other destinations, you can catch easily any flight from Luang Prabang after 6 pm.


We recommend bringing your gear to be the most comfortable. But we also offer some helmets, jackets, gloves, and knee guards. Please be informed, that we do not offer boots and trousers due to hygiene reasons.


Guide/ Mechanic (first-aid trained) English Speaking

Bikes: Honda CRF 250L (CRF 300L subject to availability)

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner are included. All our stops are in areas where food is available in local cafes and restaurants. There is often a wide choice of national cuisines to choose from. 

Drinks: Water is included, alcohol and not included.

Fuel: Fuel for your motorcycle or truck is included for the whole journey.

Accommodation; Rooms are included and based on single room occupancy. Local guest houses & Hotels will be used. 


All tolls/bridge/ferry fees.

Entry to sites on tour itineraries.



All other riding gear (boot and armour rental available).

Visa: Available on arrival, please check with your embassy for costings.


Tips and gratuities

 Lao Adv Tours: Reserves the rights to change routes and planning due to road problems. Weather conditions can change very quickly. All rights reserved.

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