Returning to Laos & Vietnam

Laos Revisited

We are a Laos-based tour company. During the Vietnam War, there were two so-called “secret wars” in Laos. One of our niche specialties is to provide veterans with a once in a lifetime opportunity to travel back in time. Once the pandemic has subsided, international air travel is back in swing, and borders are open again, consider taking a sojourn down memory lane and letting me personally show you, family, and friends, Laos from the ground in one of our Air conditioned 4×4’s.

Tailor Made Trips

We offer customized tours for one or more. The extent of any tour is contingent on the number of days available for in-country travel. There are two general destinations:

(1) Northern Laos – the Barrel Roll area of operations – that can include, but is not limited to, Long Tieng (headquarters of General Vang Pao and the CIA-sponsored Hmong fighters), Lima Sites (LS) frequented by Air America, the USAF, and the Royal Lao Air Force, LS85 atop the mountain (a TACAN site staffed by USAF personnel that was overrun by the NVA in early 1968), the PDJ, and Sam Neua.

(2) Southern Laos – the Steel Tiger area of operations – that can include, but is not limited to, NKP (in Thailand), Ban Karai and Mu Gia Passes, Ban Laboy ford, the Ho Chi Minh Trail (some dirt segments are unchanged from fifty years ago),  Tchepone, and the Lam Son 719 Museum. Among many other things, you will see a defunct SAM (SA-2 Guideline), much unexploded but defused ordnance, fields still littered with bomb craters, 37/57mm AAA guns, and seismic sensors utilized by Task Force Alpha.

I would be honored to be your guide, share a beer (or two), and take you on a “blast from the past.” You will be provided with in-country ground transportation, a thoroughly knowledgeable guide that is conversant in Lao, and the opportunity to witness up close what you may previously only have seen in photographs.

If you have any questions, kindly contact me. Come to Lane Xang – the Land of a Million Elephants. Thank you


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