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I can remember riding home from Italy on my Ducati thinking, it would be great to have a tour company.  Dreaming as the miles slipped away, I, of course, thought I could do it.

Fast forward in time some twelve years.  I am now living in Laos, and have been running a tour company for the last five. The Tour Company has been successful, and I enjoy it.

The planning bit is what I do well.  Initially a jumbled one in my head, but with the help of good people alongside, the plan unravels smoothly and pleasurably. 

It’s all possible if we try. Spending so much time doing this, gave me a huge insight into local ‘goings-on’. Knowing that I decided on a change.  With the help of a few friends, it was time to do my own thing.

So, Lao Adventure Tours, laoadvtours.com  was born.

We take customers out on the Laos adventures they want.  Blowing our own trumpet, we are the real deal when it comes to tours.  

We provide tours by motorbike, 4×4, truck or any other combination.  We are personable, knowledgeable, make friends wherever we go and do everything with a smile. So we are ready for the next chapter to unfold.  Hope to see you along the way.

Like the Trail, with mountains to climb and rivers to cross, we know it won’t be easy.  Toughened by what’s already happened though, we’re ready for whatever life throws at us…

…..drop us a line and head in this direction….

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  1. Am interested in visiting lima site 85 and long tieng in future but can’t ride motorbike. Maybe 2 or 3 days if thats enough.don’t mind paying for a 4×4 with driver/guide.

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