The Most Secret Place On Earth-Long Tieng LS20A

Pictures From Long Tieng

whilst the Vietnam war raged on, across the fence in Laos the CIA were running a clandestine war in Laos. Long Tieng was an air field, one of the most busiest in the world at that point, some 30,000 people lived and worked there. today some 2000 people inhabit the small town which was closed to the public until recently.

For the last 6 years I’ve been able to visit Long Tieng many times and explore the whole area. Were pretty sure more secrets are hidden, a tour of Vang Phao house is quiet an experience, walking the runway or checking out all the old building is always fun too, better if you find some thing. On a warm day there is no better place to sit and ponder what went on, so much history.

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